Conrad Black, a member of the British House of Lords, was a media mogul convicted and imprisoned in the United States for swindling. He thinks the British Commonwealth will emerge as the only world Power.

What's Behind the"sonic assault" on American diplomats in Cuba?

16 August 2017: Last week CNN reported that since late 2016 several US State Department employees at the American embassy in Havana had suffered "sonic attacks" that left at least two with such serious health problems they had to be repatriated for treatment. The 10 August story said the damage seemed to have been done by a “sophisticated device that operated outside the range of audible sound,” deployed either inside or outside the Havana residences of US diplomats. Those affected were not at the same place at the same time, but suffered a variety of similar symptoms resembling concussions.

According to three government officials from whom CNN sourced the story, Cuban authorities are not suspected of involvement; American authorities were “investigating whether a third country was involved as ‘payback’ for actions the US has taken elsewhere and to ‘drive a wedge between the US and Cuba’."

In the week since CNN reported that story there have been neither updates nor clarifying commentary, and no one has pointed to parallels or antecedents. However, readers of my blog will probably recall that several years ago I did write about cases of sonic assault.

Not Cricket
I became interested in the matter when an Indian cricket team that had won the 2011 World Cup in grand style went on a tour of Britain immediately afterwards and lost every single match. Not only were Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan, two of its stars, disabled and unable to play, the rest of the championship team suddenly seemed to be unable to bowl, field or bat. By the fourth match another star player, Gautam Gambhir, was so bereft of basic skills he sustained a concussion trying to take a catch (or so it seemed). Another member of the team, Yuvraj Singh, came down with a rare form of cancer later.

In a short blog post commenting on that sudden loss of form by the whole team, I wondered if the Brits had deployed some discombobulating technology to disable their formidable opponents. That proposition seemed even more likely when the English team toured India a few weeks later and were soundly trounced. That set me looking for technologies that could be used to affect the championship form of athletes and it was not long before I discovered the literature on infrasound. 

The human ear cannot register the very low frequency of infrasound, which occurs naturally in sea surf, thunder and earthquakes. Many species of animals make use of infrasound. Bats use it for radar. Elephants and whales use it for spectacularly long range communication, and some whales use it to stun prey, including giant squid. In the laboratory, infrasound can be directed to vibrate matter and explode it. 

If humans are exposed to infrasound between 1 and 10 Hz (a Hertz is a one-second wave cycle), the first few moments can result in a feeling of energized euphoria but there is progressive discomfort and incapacity. Loss of physical coordination can last for hours or even days. Other negative effects include elevated heart rate and blood pressure, release of endorphins and adrenaline, and related feelings including the "flight or fight" response. People can suffer "complete neurological interference" and have difficulty breathing, start coughing, suffer muscle cramps, and feel nauseated. They are disoriented, lose their sense of balance, have blurred vision and slurred speech, experience fear and panic, and have difficulty making decisions. At 7 Hz, said to be the natural resonant frequency of human organs, infrasound can be deadly.

Scientists in several developed countries have reportedly weaponized infrasound. Experimenters at Cambridge University in 2003 successfully generated fear and panic in crowds by broadcasting infrasound. Other experiments had prevented teenagers from hanging around the entrances of malls by directing infrasound waves at the area. A rifle firing "sonic bullets" Is said to exist; experiments have reportedly been conducted with sonic weapons that disorient and disable enemy soldiers.

These findings put in a new light Gautam's 2011 concussion and the rare cancer that hospitalized Yuvraj, who could have been subjected to assault as early as the 2007 T-20 World Cup when he smashed an unprecedented six sixers in one over against Britain. After I blogged about that in 2012, the English bowler he had humiliated pulled out of his team's 2012 India tour.

Tennis and Andy Murray
My blog made the case in 2012 that the Brits were cheating big in sports; and it wasn’t just in cricket or only against Indians. Andy Murray's path to several championships appeared to have been opened by weakening key opponents. In reporting Murray's straight sets victory over Roger Federer at the London Olympics The Guardian said that the Swiss champion, who had easily beaten his rival a month earlier at Wimbledon, seemed "strangely anxious" and committed an unusual number of unforced errors, including a very rare double fault. 

At the United States Open a few weeks later Murray defeated number one seed Novak Djokovic, who suffered wholly uncharacteristic leg cramps during the match. Among the interesting things about that match was the presence of Sean Connery in the audience, sitting in Murray’s box. The actor who portrayed the original MI 6 “licensed to kill” hitman James Bond did not know Murray and the two had never met before that day. The Press was told they had a “natural affinity as Scots.” It is possible that the real MI 6 was behind Murray’s success and also responsible for inviting Connery, both with an eye to burnish the Scottish-English relationship prior to the referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom.

Indians at the London Olympics
In the same 2012 blog post I noted that several world champions on the Indian squad at the London Summer Olympics had suddenly lost their form.

  • Abhinav Bindra who had won Gold at the Beijing Games in sharpshooting crashed out in the qualifying round at London with a miserable 594 total and finished 16 of 47.
  • Deepika Kumari, the world's top ranked woman archer, lost in the first knockout round to her unknown British opponent. "I don't know what happened" she told journalists in a state of shock over a score that did not include a single ten pointer.
  • Sushil Kumar, Asian Games wrestling gold medalist, was "hit by a stomach bug" that had him running to the bathroom six times before the gold medal round, which he lost.
  • Ronjan Sodhi, the World Cup champion in trap shooting, saw his scores tumble inexplicably in the second and third rounds.

Dramatic Rise in Medal Tally
While Indian sportsmen failed miserably at the London Olympics, the performance of the British squad broke all post-World War II records. During most of that period Britain’s ranking in the medal tally had hovered up and down within the top 20 group (see list below). At the Atlanta Games in 1996, it dropped to #34, returned to #10 at Sydney in 2000 stayed at that spot at Athens in 2004. At Beijing in 2008 it climbed to #4 and moved to #3 at London, an all-time high. The dramatic rise of Britain's medal tally in recent years suggests the high likelihood that star performers from nations other than India had also been targeted at recent Summer Games. The following list shows the British standing in the medal tally of the Summer Olympics over the last seven decades.


                                         RANKING                   G        S      B   TOTAL
LONDON: 1948                  12                          3       14     6      23
HELSINKI: 1952                 18                          1         2     8      11
MELBOURNE: 1956            8                          6         7    11     24
ROME: 1960                        12                          2         6    12     20
TOKYO: 1964                      10                          4       12      2     18
MEXICO CITY: 1968          10                          5         5      3      13
MUNICH: 1972                   12                          4         5      9     18
MONTREAL: 1976             13                          3         5      5     13
MOSCOW 1980                            BOYCOTTED
LOS ANGELES: 1984        11                          5       11    21    37
SEOUL: 1988                      12                          5       10      9    24
BARCELONA: 1992          13                           5         3     12   20
ATLANTA: 1996                 36                            1        8       6   15
SYDNEY: 2000                   10                          11      10      7    28
ATHENS: 2004                  10                             9        9    12    30
BEIJING: 2008                    4                          19       13   16    48
LONDON: 2012                  3                           29      17   19    65

The Politics of Cheating at Sports
As with the Scottish independence angle to Andy Murray’s success, there was a political angle to the manipulation of Britain's Olympic success: it was presented as evidence of a “New Britain” at a time when the nation desperately needed rallying after a string of scandalous revelations of elite greed, corruption and political mismanagement. A short list of the scandals that had skunked Britain included:

  • Parliamentarians stealing from the public till; 
  • BBC pederasts raping children in hospitals near their offices, evidently for years, with complete impunity
  • Politically well-connected media in league with the London Police, hacking the private phone conversations of bereaved families; 
  • A prominent member of the House of Lords released after three years in an American prison for swindling and expelled from the United States.
  • The involvement of the country's most trusted bankers in the LIBOR interest rate fixing scandal, the “largest case of corruption in the history of markets,” victimizing the proverbial widows and orphans all over the world; 
  • HSBC, Britain's largest bank, hauled up by American authorities for laundering trillions in Mexican drug money. 

Back to the Imperial Future
The disgraced House of Lords member noted above who did time in the United States is Conrad Black, a media mogul whose empire once included the Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Telegraph of London, The Jerusalem Post and small papers across the US and Canada. At the time of the London Olympics, fresh out of prison, he penned an op-ed saying that Britain’s performance at the Games meant it was still a “serious country.” (The web page containing the piece now returns a 404 “not found” error code.)

In a later piece published by The National Post in Canada, Black indicated what “serious” might mean. “The British Commonwealth will rise again,” he declared, foreseeing a future in which the European Union would break apart and except for “regional powers like Brazil and Turkey, … the only other coherent force that could arise and occupy a role somewhat analogous to a great power of old would be some cohesive bloc of Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Singapore and perhaps a few other Commonwealth countries.” That Alice in Wonderland worldview might actually point to strategic thinking in Britain, given the context of Brexit and the shadowy role of MI 6 in the Trumpian travails of the United States – which does not figure at all in Black’s Back to the Future perspective.

Investigators looking for perpetrators of the acoustic assault on American diplomats in Cuba might do well to ask MI 6.


May 2017: The Great Unrecognized Global Truth Crisis is impossible to miss but spins on unchallenged nevertheless. It pervades the hard-eyed domains of Wall Street, Washington and the Kremlin, the inner sanctums of power in Beijing, the City of London, political stages everywhere and of course, our very own United Nations.

On Wall Street it can be seen in the endless discussion of whether the Fed will raise interest rates once, twice or even four times this year and all the derivative talk about wage growth, employment, the Trump effect and so on, none of it remotely related to the reality of a system so corrupt no one knows where reality ends and fantasy begins. 

In Washington it is obtrusive in the talk of the last election and who did or did not have a hand in it, endlessly repeated by CNN pundits who quite clearly haven't the faintest idea what actually happened.  

In the Kremlin and all its adoring Stalinist fan clubs far and wide it is unmissable in the talk of how Putin has reclaimed the Great Power glory of the Soviet Union, so what if he's bombed the bejesus out of the innocent and played nuclear chicken. 

In Beijing, the hard untruths celebrated in the inner conclaves of the Party are that Socialism lives under the tromp of a growing army of Billionaires, the solidarity of Marxists-Leninists endures, President Xi can prevent a hard landing, and that Mao gazes down from Tiananmen walls upon an adoring public.

In The City of London amidst talk of a beneficial Brexit the liars deny that the Empire survives in tax haven and shell company, protected by the suborned "Islamic terrorist" and the propagandists of the BBC endlessly thanking each other "very much indeed".

Mario Draghi sees recovery in Europe.  Christine Lagarde sees recovery in the world.  The ratings agencies see China recovering. The latest Economic Survey of the Asia-Pacific predicts "modest" growth in the region. Saudi Arabia preens on the Commission safeguarding the Status of Women. Antonio Guterres thinks UN "reforms" are progressing along the visionary path set by member States. 

If ever the world deserved to go to Hell in a handbasket, it would be now.   

Bitter comment about the lack of elite interest in the scandal about pederasts among prominent BBC figures who raped children in hospitals with complete impunity 

The "sophisticated device" used to assault US diplomats in Cuba was nothing like the sound cannon in The Incredible Hulk movie. But it did serious damage.

Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar was "hit by a stomach bug" just before his final contest at the Olympics. A slew of other Indian sports stars suffered sudden loss of form.   

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the all-time greats of cricket, was disabled on India's 2011 tour of England. The rest of the World Cup Championship team suddenly seemed to lose all their skills. One suffered a concussion, another was later diagnosed with a rare cancer. 

Was Andy Murray's winning at Wimbledon and the US Open helped by MI 6 infrasound assaults on his opponents? Sean Connery, who Murray had never met, was in his box at the  Arthur Ashe stadium to underline their Scottish link prior to Scotland's referendum on independence from the UK.