September 26

I filed a complaint with the Inspector-General of the Department of Justice about my FBI neighbor's antics. Sent it off by Priority Mail on the 24th of September.
It had two enclosures:

1. My Facebook posts recounting the events between 11-22 September (visit to dermatologist, slashed tire, lack of paper trail etc)

2. My letter to the Patent Office complaining about the inexplicable delay in the delivery of a Priority Mail envelope.

Almost immediately I had reason to suspect that the Priority mail envelope to the DOJ had also been intercepted by my FBI neighbor: I got an email from Yuma Dermatology acknowledging me as a patient. The paper trail had belatedly come alive! I am quite sure it will rebut all the points I noted about their treatment of me. It makes it appear as if I am a nut case.

Now I'm wondering if my enclosures with the DOJ letter made it safely to Washington.  


US Department of Justice                                                                                September 24, 2018
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section PHB
Washington, DC 20530


Dear Federal Officials

I submitted an online complaint last week to the DOJ Inspector-General about an FBI employee who is my neighbor at [address Redacted].

I am writing to submit some papers relevant to my complaint. One is a petition to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The other is a compilation of several of my recent Facebook posts that recount developments from September 11 to 22. They provide information about my deepening predicament.

The link https://www.undiplomatictimes.com/about.html has broader information on the oppressive treatment to which I have been subjected by federal employees since 2015.

The link https://medium.com/@bhaskarpmenon/the-path-of-karma-236d8c9a2b34 provides information about the course of my life that probably first excited their interest in me as I quit the United Nations and set out as an independent journalist. I was propelled by spiritual concerns, but they seem to have mistaken that for something else. On entirely false presumptions they made themselves a faceless but pervasive influence on my life for several decades.

As I recount in the article linked above, the spiritual effect of their oppressions was enormously positive. However, I hope you will focus on the fact that federal employees were denying me basic constitutional freedoms for what seem to be reasons related to my race, national origin and political views. With no due process their actions imposed harsh limits on my ability to earn a living, with a devastating impact on my family.

I would be grateful for an acknowledgement of this complaint. If your investigations confirm my allegations I request information on avenues of legal redress.


Bhaskar Menon
Petition to USPTO of September 5, 2018
Compilation of Facebook posts September 11 to 22, 2018



Bhaskar Menon
September 11 at 4:55 PM · 

I'm sure what I write below is not not what you expect in a Facebook post, but it's what's happened to me.

Last week my scalp began to itch like crazy and I thought it might be lice, so, familiar with the drill from the time I had kids, I went off and got the treatment for it. It did no good. The itching spread onto my face and neck and the skin began to rise in large bumps..

Bed Bugs! I thought, and went off to get the treatment for that. But before I used it my son texted from NY that I should not use it, for in Arizona, where I live, trying to get rid of bed bugs yourself makes you the responsible party, not the landlord. So I returned it.

But thinking that I should get the diagnosis right before going to the landlord, I went to the doctor this morning. "Everything was fine till last week," I told him. Then this." I showed him the photographs on my phone. He hmmmed over them for a minute and then took the phone down the hall to consult a colleague.

"It might be cancer" he said. "When it's lymphatic cancer it can come and go like this in the beginning." He did a biopsy of two of the bumps.

As he was doing it I mentioned the blood in my urine. It too had appeared in the last week. Every other pee was a rich red, with a bit of coagulate. He didn't say anything but said I should see a urologist right away.

As he was sewing me up, I mentioned the other drama in my life. It involves a desalination system on which I have a patent pending.

A year ago, when I first came to Yuma, a receptionist at the hotel I stayed at was very friendly and went out of her way to help me. I happened to mention the invention over a drink.

Several months into my stay in Yuma, I began to realize that someone else was interested in my invention. To cut a long story short, it turned out to be a neighbor, someone I think is an FBI agent. He made no bones about the interest or the contempt in which he held me.

Harassments abounded. Articles of clothing disappeared. So did turmeric from my kitchen; another time it was ginger. A two liter bottle of Pepsi tasted funny; it made me sick. My bicycle developed flat tires just standing in the apartment: the carpeting had thorns.

The big focus of attention was my invention. When I mailed submissions to the USPTO, the envelopes did not go directly to the Commissioner of Patents. They took a detour from the Yuma Main Post Office. One piece of registered mail left a trail of five days in limbo, at the end of which it appeared at the USPTO without my signature sheet.

The submission was thereby invalid and having missed a deadline to boot, I had to shell out $500.00 to get it readmitted.

I complained to the Inspector-General of the Post Office, the matter was referred to the local office, and I think my neighbor faced an inquiry. He was away for about a month, during which I had no petty harassments.

He's been back about two weeks now. So I asked the doctor this morning if he could look up the literature to see if the kind of bumps on my head and face and neck could be caused by any kind of microwave technology. He asked me what kind of exposure I had had. I explained about the FBI guy. Was there any kind of technology someone could have deliberately exposed me to?

After that doctor I ran an errand and then would have gone on to see the urologist but my bycycle tire suddenly went flat. Not a puncture. It had been slashed.

Walked my bicycle back home and now I'm wondering what's going to happen next. I'll tell you one thing. It certainly doesn't feel like I'm in America right now

PS: What is staggering about this whole experience is how these people developed their sense of criminal impunity living in the United States.


September 12 at 1:47 PM 

Yesterday's slashed tire seems to have been a block to my getting to the Urology doctor. Three others I called all put me on hold and then returned to say they weren't accepting new patients. So did a general practitioner across the street.

This got me thinking. Was there something incriminating in my blood that a urology doctor would discover? Something my FBI neighbor didn't want found?

So this morning I hiked back to the Dermatologist and asked for a blood test. They don't do blood tests, it seems. Had to go to a lab with a prescription. Will know in a couple of days if there's something toxic to explain the skin eruptions and bloody pee.

Took the bus to the nearest Wallmart to get a replacement tire and inner tube (an unnecessary waste of $34). Tried to pay, first with Amex and then with my bank debit card. Both declined.

The bank card message said alarmingly, "Credit Cancelled."

Got another card accepted. Both Amex and the bank later denied any problem with my accounts.

Just some bloody-minded FBI operative feeling his oats. I wonder if they have any guidance in this kind of situation. I doubt anyone in authority told the guy on the street to block my visits to urology doctors or to deny the sale of a replacement tire. This is an agency seriously out of control.


September 17 at 8:50 PM 

Last week I had a blood test done to see if there was poison in my system causing the bloody urine and the skin eruptions that could be cancer (biopsy results awaitd).

The results of the blood-work were supposed to have come in last Friday but on Monday morning Yuma Dermatology said they had received nothing from Labcorps, the national chain processing the samples.

I hiked down to the Labcorps office this morning and they said all patient information was segregated in another location with an 800 number I could call.

I stepped outside the office and called; the voice at the other end took my information (name/date of birth), and said the information had been faxed to the doctor. I said he had not received it. She said that was wrong, she had a confirmation number. Before she could hang up, I stepped back into the Labcorps office and handed the phone back to the receptionist, who quizzed the voice for details she did not have. She had been lying to me.

A few minutes later, I had the faxed sheets of the report in my hand -- except they were not my report. The doctor's name was wrong, and the report was not about poisons in my blood but about glucose and triglyceride levels.

By the time I got Yuma Dermatology and Labcorps to admit to error, it was 5:00 and closing time. No sign where the tests to detect poison have ended up.

[I would give odds they are in the local FBI office with colleagues of my neighbor, who has once again disappeared from sight. However, his good works are being carried on: after I patched the pinhole in my air-mattress (see earlier photo), another appeared.]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or rather the Yuma Urology Center, a sub-plot was developing: a bid to get a CT Scan of my pelvis and abdomen with the hematuria (blood in urine) protocol. I was given an early morning appointment at the Yuma Regional Medical Center on the 27th, and was told to refrain from food and drink after midnight, and be prepared to fill up on fluid to enable high-contrast barium scans.

Not an hour after those instructions, came a call saying high-contrast barium scans would not be necessary. The Doctor who wrote the instructions had reversed himself. Why? No answer. Again, I would give odds the change originated from someone at the FBI who does not want too clear a picture of what happened to my innards.

 PS: Tried to talk to the doctor to find out why he reversed himself. His receptionist said I had to make an appointment to see him.


September 19 at 2:58 PM 

The saga to retrieve the original prescription asking for my blood to be tested for poisonous elements has ended. The Nurse Practitioner who wrote it now says he asked for nothing more than the usual glucose, creatinine etc levels!

I've come to the conclusion it is probably impossible for me to get safe treatment here!


September 22-2018

I will never make a detective.

Noticing only now, two full weeks later, that it is strange a doctor specialized in dermatology did not suspect urticaria first before thinking I might have cancer.

Also, the nurse never took my temperature or blood pressure, never noted anything in a file, and I was not charged the $40 co-pay.

In fact, I never saw a real doctor. The guy who made the diagnosis was a Nurse Practitioner. He wrote the prescription for the forensic bloodwork that I asked for that was subsequently lost by Labcorp.

There is no paper trail of what happened.

The whole thing might have been a set up, and the reason they went to such lengths to keep me from seeing a real doctor was to prevent a true diagnosis.

Why do it? It makes me look like a nut case. My FBI neighbor by comparison becomes the injured party, victimized by a paranoid.

PS: I researched Urticaria. One of the causes is exposure to microwaves. It is also called “Microwave Sickness.”


letter to USPTO Petitions Office


Petition for Unintentionally Delayed Claim of Priority                                                                        September 5, 2018
Application Number: 15/807,427 

Filing Date: 11/08/2017   Confirmation #2786


Commissioner for Patents
P.O. Box 1450
Alexandria VA 22313=1450
Office of Petitions

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in response to the August 30, 2018 Decision dismissing my 15 June petition under 37 CFR 1.78(c) to accept an unintentionally delayed claim under 37 U.S.C. 119 (e) for the benefit of priority to the prior filed provisional application #62/497,236 listed in the concurrently filed Application Data Sheet (ADS).

The entire delay between the date the claim was due under 37 CFR 1.78 (a) (4) and the date the claim was filed was unintentional.

The facts of the case are as follows: as a 72-year old first-time applicant for a patent I got off to a slow start in filing a properly formulated request to correct the filing receipt. However, it would have been in time if not for the following factors beyond my control:

1. I mailed an entirely correct ADS form on 28 February 2018. It was sent by registered mail from Yuma, Arizona, and should have arrived at USPTO on 3 March. Instead, it arrived there on 7 March. According to the US Postal Service Tracking history (see Annex) the envelope went into a twilight zone for several days.

2. I complained to the USPS Inspector-General using an online form about that delay and some other strange things that had been happening to me at the Yuma Main Post Office. The IG-USPS referred the matter to the local USPS Customer Center, to which I sent additional information about the theft of a pen drive from my home containing all data about the patent. I am not sure, but I think a neighbor who works for the FBI is under investigation for this. (One of his children seems to have thrown a plate of food at my apartment window, leaving a large stain on the wall of the building.) If you like I can share with you the details of my complaint to the IG-USPS.

 3. If someone at USPTO had called or emailed me about the missing signature sheet I could have sent it by fax and still met the deadline. Instead, there was no response at all. I did not think anything was amiss until the extended delay in getting a response led me to call USPTO in the third week of May. That was when I learned of the fate of my submission. A written response to my submission was not sent until 29 May; I received it on the last day of the month.

In view of these exceptional circumstances, I hope you will find that the delay in submitting the correction was beyond my control.

I also hope that you will be able to refund the $500 fee for the delayed consideration of my submission.


Bhaskar P. Menon 


Tracking History: 7017 3380 0000 2647 4208

 March 7, 2018, 8:43 am 
Delivered, PO Box 
Your item has been delivered and is available at a PO Box at 8:43 am on March 7, 2018 in ALEXANDRIA, VA 22313.

March 7, 2018, 8:41 am 
Arrived at Unit 

March 4, 2018 
In Transit to Next Facility

March 3, 2018 
In Transit to Next Facility

March 2, 2018 
In Transit to Next Facility

March 1, 2018, 9:21 am 
Departed USPS Regional Facility 

February 28, 2018, 10:33 pm 
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility 

February 28, 2018, 6:24 pm 
Departed Post Office 
YUMA, AZ 85364

February 28, 2018, 4:27 pm 
USPS in possession of item 
YUMA, AZ 85364


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