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Deepikone   Acrylic on canvas 24" X 38" 

Byzantium    Acrylic/canvas  22" X 30"

Krishnavilas    Acrylic/canvas  47" X 49"

Caged    Acrylic/canvas board  13" X 17"

Kali Yuga    Acrylic/canvas  36" X 49"

bhaskar menon​

I came to painting after a career as journalist and international civil servant working for the United Nations. My paintings marry the traditional aesthetic of India, the country of my birth, to a sensibility shaped by four decades in New York, where I first came to attend the Journalism School at Columbia University. All are acrylics on canvas or paper, some with mixed media. Most exist in a fluid abstract-figurative matrix to capture a mood, express a thought, or distill a narrative. Prices available on request. contact:​

Pisachkali    Acrylic/ canvas-board 13" X 17"  

New York, New York!    Acrylic/canvas  39" X 39"

Goa    Acrylic on paper 22" X 30" 

Ana    Acrylic/canvas  41" X 49"

Hussain   Acrylic on canvas 22" X 23" 

Diwali    Acrylic/ paper 22" X 30" 

Urdhvamulam: The Spiritual Tree    Acrylic/canvas  36" X 50"

Ganapati    Acrylic/canvas  41" X 49"

Valmiki    Acrylic on canvas 24" X 27" 

Arabia  Acrylic/ canvas 16" X 20"  

Asha   Acrylic on canvas 16" X 20" 

Anachan  Acrylic on canvas 22" X 23" 

Villagers                      Acrylic/ canvas 16" X 20" 

Untitled    Acrylic/canvas  18" X 18"

Bhakti    Acrylic/canvas  15" X 15"

Untitled    Acrylic/canvas  18" X 19"

Ram Navami    Acrylic/ canvas 16" X 20" 

Manohari  Acrylic on canvas 18" X 24" 


Roma    Acrylic/ canvas 15" X 28" 

Ganga    Acrylic/canvas 7 ft X 38" 


Contemplation    Acrylic/ canvas 17" X 17" 

Halahalam   Acrylic/canvas  16" X 20"

Angst    Acrylic/canvas board  

14.5" X 21.5"