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May 2017: The Great Unrecognized Global Truth Crisis is impossible to miss but spins on unchallenged nevertheless. It pervades the hard-eyed domains of Wall Street, Washington and the Kremlin, the inner sanctums of power in Beijing, the City of London, political stages everywhere and of course, our very own United Nations.

On Wall Street it can be seen in the endless discussion of whether the Fed will raise interest rates once, twice or even four times this year and all the derivative talk about wage growth, employment, the Trump effect and so on, none of it remotely related to the reality of a system so corrupt no one knows where reality ends and fantasy begins. 

In Washington it is obtrusive in the talk of the last election and who did or did not have a hand in it, endlessly repeated by CNN pundits who quite clearly haven't the faintest idea what actually happened.  

In the Kremlin and all its adoring Stalinist fan clubs far and wide it is unmissable in the talk of how Putin has reclaimed the Great Power glory of the Soviet Union, so what if he's bombed the bejesus out of the innocent and played nuclear chicken. 

In Beijing, the hard untruths celebrated in the inner conclaves of the Party are that Socialism lives under the tromp of a growing army of Billionaires, the solidarity of Marxists-Leninists endures, President Xi can prevent a hard landing, and that Mao gazes down from Tiananmen walls upon an adoring public.

In The City of London amidst talk of a beneficial Brexit the liars deny that the Empire survives in tax haven and shell company, protected by the suborned "Islamic terrorist" and the propagandists of the BBC endlessly thanking each other "very much indeed".

Mario Draghi sees recovery in Europe.  Christine Lagarde sees recovery in the world.  The ratings agencies see China recovering. The latest Economic Survey of the Asia-Pacific predicts "modest" growth in the region. Saudi Arabia preens on the Commission safeguarding the Status of Women. Antonio Guterres thinks UN "reforms" are progressing along the visionary path set by member States. 

If ever the world deserved to go to Hell in a handbasket, it would be now.